How to tag a streetmaket?

I can’t find it in the tag-list.

In what way is amenity=marketplace not appropriate?

That’s ok, but I can’t use neither a point because of the dimension (>1 km) nor a line over the street. (Sorry, I’m beginner…)

Could you describe how this street is used. Is it always a pedestrian street? Is the market only there some days? When the market is open, is there also some vehicle traffic let through (except for vehicles being used by the traders? When not being used by the market, is it one way?

In some cases, the solution may be to map the street as an area. The only real killer for that would be its being one way.

It is a regular residential street with traffic in both directions. Only on sunday from 6-11 p.m. a certain part (>1 km) of the street is closed for the vehicle traffic completely and there are food- and other stands over the street.


  • Marketplace drawn as an area, encompassing the street with both sidewalks and other areas used during the market day, with suitable opening hours

  • Conditional restriction on the street