How to tag a research institute of several joint buildings?

This research institute consists of several blocks (all joint) of different levels and height, and one of the blocks has a different street address. Hence it’s better to make it as several ways. Now, the question is how to mark it all together with the institute’s title?

  1. put name=… in each of the blocks is improper: will duplicate titles in browser and quite likely in GPS devices.
  2. draw an additional way by the perimeter of the buildings, and mark it as name=…, area=yes. Not good, it’ll be a way with no other tags (amenity, man_made, etc), and probably will be filtered out when exporting to GPS devices.
  3. The same but landuse=industrial? Mmm… it’s not quite industrial… Trees and gardens all around, it’s cytology and genetics institute after all.
  4. Draw a way with landuse=industrial around. That’s imprecise, there’s no fence around, the institute has no separate territory.

What should I do?

There’s also a connection between two buildings that’s above gound, with a road under it. It’s not a tunnel, the connection stands on pillars. Can someone, please, fix it? I can’t find a proper way to tag this, so that it looked properly.

Would a multipolygon relation work?

What role do I set to the buildings?

outer? I’ve never actually made a multipolygon; best to wait until someone who has shows up.

don’t need a multipolygon. just start with a simple relation of type=site and add the areas and buildings to it. without role. there’s a wiki about “site”. but i don’t know the name.


Is it this one?

Tag the portion of the road that goes under the building as covered=yes. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be renderer support for this tag yet, so it won’t look great on the Mapnik layer, at least.

Depending on how wide the connection is, it may just be an enclosed bridge (highway=footway bridge=yes access=private?).