How to tag a racquet club

How would I label a racquet club?


club=sport + sport=racquet + the other usual tags

should do it.

Can you explain what you mean by racquet.

I can think of several sports which use racquets. Tennis, squash, badminton for example.

Uuuh, right you are. I was anticipating Racquetball - Wikipedia but I am not sure about the actual differences when it comes to squash. I ruled out Badminton or tennis as those are widely known by their individual names.

I did so as well but then the tag should read club=sport + sport=racquetball + xxx.

Sounds like sport=racquetball.

Had always thought it was the American name for squash, but after reading the Wikipedia page it appears they are different sports.

Yes, but filtering sport | Keys | OpenStreetMap Taginfo for ‘racquet’ it seems that ‘racquet’ is more established incl. wiki article (Tag:sport=racquet - OpenStreetMap Wiki). Does not seem nice though, compared to ‘racquetball’.

Exactly, sport=racqet is very poor tagging as the correct name is racquetball which is mentioned several times in the short Wiki-description of sport=racquet itself as such.

The name of the establishment is called The Racquet club, but people mostly play tennis but also pickleball.

In that case you could either leave away sport=* OR use ; to separate the different values (e.g. sport=tennis;pickleball).

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For completeness then, the tags should be something like:

name=The Racquet Club

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