How to tag a fixed "board game"

Edit: According to the comments in this thread I choose leisure=skill_game

If a ping-pong table is


the device in the following image could be


Seeing Tag:sport=chess as a reference may help.

How to Map

Since this is a non-physical tag, it should always be combined with some appropriate (physical) tag. For example:

  • With leisure=pitch when tagging big chess-boards in the open air
  • Some users have added leisure=picnic_table to tag public chess-playing tables, however this is inconsistent since the table is not used for picnics (see discussion page)

See also Tag:amenity=table.

is it a game with specific name?

sport=board_game seems like about board games in general

is it a game with specific name?

sport=board_game seems like about board games in general

“is” there also sport=cards_game?
What about Mikado, maybe a case for sport=tabletop_game?

Looking at taginfo, there is 1 sport=Tradingcard Game

More seriously, I’d rather invent something new for this kind of thing than encouraging the 3 uses of sport=board_game to grow and become a tag.

If the game in the photo is a thing somewhere, a sport=specific name would be ok, although maybe edgecase. If it is a unique piece, I’d rather go with “image” “description” and some generic tag.

This one actually has a name but it is very “loc_name”, the black sheep.

I think it should not be too rare, here’s another example from a colleague in Spain, of a similar type, with the same question of how to map it

If a table with a chessboard is mapped with “amenity=table” + “sport=chess”, the use of “amenity=table” + “sport=board_games” for a generic board game is OK for me.

Note that “board_games” (plural) is probably a preferable value to “board_game” (singular) for a generic board game (not specified).

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Interesting, this case would be ok “amenity=table” + “sport=chess”?

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Yes, it would be according to the discussion on Tag:sport=chess referenced earlier in this thread.

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attraction=maze would fit with the description but is usually/often for mazes that can be walked inside

I have problems imagining this situation, can you explain how a generic board games table looks like?

A “generic board game” in the context of that message means “any board game other than chess or whose specific name is unknown.”

Although open-air chess boards with large pieces have been mapped as leisure=pitch, as have outdoor table tennis tables, I think these are allowable exceptions: further extension to things such as this will result in every consumer of leisure=pitch needing to check the sports tag to see if it is something which might be described as a pitch. I think such extension of the semantics of a widely used tag to map a small number of things is poor practice.

Far better to develop a separate tag for things like this (including perhaps table-tennis tables). Board games are usually described as a pastime or hobby rather than a sport too. In fact there are already 11 instances of leisure=board_game: I haven’t checked what they refer to (there are also 36 amenity=cafe + cafe=board_game for board game cafes, and there may be some overlap). You could certainly use this tag, although something slightly broader may enable other cases to be handled too (off the top of my head, something like: leisure=pastime, pastime=board_game, board_game=*).


For now I will choose the simplest option leisure=board_game and see if more examples of these devices come out. Thanks to all

I wouldn’t characterize either of the 2 games that have been posted here as “board games”, rather skill games or something similar.


leisure=skill_game? sounds good for me