How to tag a bicycle sports course inside a sports area?

I am mapping a larger sports area in Berlin (Sportforum Hohenschönhausen). Inside this area, some parts of the highways are forming a bicycle course. How should this course be mapped? Is it a relation of type route? But it’s no official bicycle route. The problem is, that the course uses parts of named streets. It would be no solution to make one closed loop out of the highway areas.

Thanks for your help.


I am no expert, but you might find this post helpful:
where ndm has mapped a walk (consisting of some roads, parks and pedestrian paths) in Bristol
as a relation:

I’ve taken a look to this example. The relation is tagged with:
type = route
route = hiking
name = Bristol triangular path.

Seems to be fine. For my route i would take:
type = route
route = bicycle
name = Radsportrundkurs (english something like: bicycle sports circuit)
roundtrip = yes

I think this will fit quite well the information on Because it is no official bicycle way, i’ll omit the tags network, ref and bicycle as suggested on the same page for bicycle routes. The suggested “route = cycling” seems not to be used, as a look at shows.

Thanks a lot.