How to start OSM project

I spotted area that requires major work.
What’s a good way to start OSM project to address this, to get help from other mappers?

For now I created a note:

If there were a way, everybody would have recruited people to their favourite cause and there would be no-one left to recruit!

In any case, you really want people local to the area to be mapped.

I’d suggest posting about it (with a few more details than “needs major work”) in a place that mappers local to the area will see. The talk-us mailing list might be one place, as would the Slack channel that US folks use . People there might suggest other places too.

However, there aren’t hordes of mappers awaiting your direction to perform local or remote mapping - people mostly “scratch their own ttch” so you’ll need to find a way to interest them in doing it.

It’s notable that most, if not all of the “Upper Mississippi Wildlife Refuge” has already been identified in OSM. For example, selecting some of the water features next to this “park” shows the large relation which currently contains 388 members. I’m not familiar with that part of the park, so I can’t say why the polygon in the note wasn’t already added to that relation.

Thanks for the suggestions!