How to start JOSM with default layers

Is it possible to let JOSM always start with several preloaded layers like Bing, DigitalGlobe and so on?

This would save me much time since I’m on a slow PC and can’t have JOSM be running always.

You can create what is called a “session”. This saves all background layers as well as data layers (which you won’t be saving in this case). This is available from the file menu and will create a .jos file.

I tested it and if you ask Windows to open this file with JOSM, it happily opens these layers automatically.

I know sessions. So probably I would have to replace the JOSM starter with a script which opens the session with JOSM?

This probably is one way. The other is to associate .jos files with JOSM launcher.

Which OS do you use?


Using one of the light DEs? Perhaps switching to that might help JOSM work faster, but the font of java might be ugggly. On my i3 laptop with 6gig, josm becomes almost a slideshow on opensuse plasma, but switching to openbox makes it run fast again. Just ignore the font. :stuck_out_tongue: