How to split forest areas into its leaf_types?

I’d like to start splitting a large forest area into the according areas of different leaftypes, what is the best practise for this?
[edit to explain better]
Is what I want to do, but I’m unsure if this is still accepted (the wood=decious tag is depreciated, but how about the rest?).
Also, where should I place the name of the forest? Only in the big relation or into all of the relations?

In OSM an area tagged as landuse=forest is where trees are being grown/harvested for producing wood products.

I will make the assumption you are dealing with either landcover=trees or natural=wood

Though I guess that does not matter much as in any case, you would break the large generic polygon containing the trees into smaller polygons around each type of tree. You may find it better, or even necessary, to use multi-polygon relations if there are areas where one tree type surrounds and area of a different type.

In those smaller polygons, add tags to better describe the trees. Some tags that are defined include:

Leaf Type

Leaf Cycle




So the name stays in the big relation?

I would think yes. That is, create a type=multipolygon relation of the ways that are the outer boundary of the named area and put the name on the relation. Within area would be a number of polygons and/or multi-polygons describing the trees in each area.