How to solve "HTTP error 200" when using WMS link for imagery?

I wanted to map a certain region in Montreal and wanted to add imagery using a custom WMS link, which is provided by the Quebec Government here: Réseau géodésique du Québec - Points géodésiques - Ministère des Ressources naturelles et des Forêts (under the “Web Service” section).

On adding the link in JOSM under “Rectified Image” in the “Imagery” Section, I am getting the following Error: HTTP error r200 when loading tiles.

How can I resolve this?

Separate to the technical issues there is a note on the wiki page for license compatibility saying:

License (link to full text or overview) ODbL compatibility Contributor Terms compatibility Notes
CC-BY 4.0 International likely incompatible attribution requirements and other terms; additional waivers required for reasonable attribution and unrestricted distribution problematic in case of future license change if incompatible new license is chosen Read this LWG blog post for their evaluation of CC-BY 4.0 and why an additional agreement (see the cover letter and waiver form) is requested.

Do you know if a waiver has already been received for this data? There appears to be one for Montreal’s data, but I don’t see one for the province?