How to show "this is as far as I got" on a way in Potlatch ?

When out cycling with the GPS along a road I may get tired and decide “OK, this is it for today” and turn round and go home. So the resulting GPS track and the way on the OSM map just kind of peters out in the middle of nowhere although the road or pathway continues, maybe to somewhere important. However, to the person reading the map it looks as if the road has just come to a dead end (“There are dragons here…” or “This be where the Earth ends…”).

Is there any way to indicate on the way on the map that the road/track doesn’t just stop there but just isn’t mapped any further at the moment, i.e. a kind of “Watch this space” or “Stay tuned” message ?


There was a proposal for this, but can’t find it anywhere.
In these situations i allways add a note=‘Road goes further’ or something alike to the road.

The logical purists might object to this but it would seem to me that the simplest solution would be to add a road category (i.e. add it to the list “primary road, secondary road, etc.”) called, for example, “Mapping in progress” which would be rendered in an easily recognisable colour or pattern.

Indeed they would object, and for good reasons. Why add a highway value when you could simply add mapping_in_progress=yes or a similar tag? This could even allow us to render these things differently depending on whether it is a partially mapped motorway or a partially mapped path. (You might even use it on non-highways, such as rivers, forests etc.) And if we donÂ’t differentiate the rendering, it wouldnÂ’t make using a single pattern more difficult, either.

Some people draw an arrowhead at the end of the way: ======> .

Others put three POI dots: ===== . . .

Others put a tag like fixme=incomplete .

At present the arrowhead is the only one that’s rendered.

An arrowhead ! How simple. Thank you.
So how does one tell the renderer to draw an arrowhead ? Presumably one has to use a tag which the renderer can recognise. Is that correct ? If so, is there a standard tag which tells a renderer to put an arrow at the end of the road ?

I like this FIXME= tags, it’s nice to put “FIXME=survey, only interpolated”, FIXME=“survey,road continues”, FIXME=“name, wrong?”, I do this when I map the same place over a long period to be able to remember what to look up the second time, because you alwys forget something when you survey,

Thanks for this tip. Can one then selectively show the FIXMEd ways on the map, i.e. blank out the other ways ?

not that I know of no, but you can search for ways in Josm.

Highlighting ways with ‘fixme’ or other stuff is planned for a future Potlatch.