How to show stairs in Potlach?

I am a new contributor. I’ve struggled with JOSM, so I’ve started to use Potlach. It’s easy to use, but I can’t figure out how to show stairs for a way – there doesn’t seem to be a preset tag. How can I represent a way as stairs?

Thank you!

In this case it’s a matter of searching an alternative name for stairs: steps.


In general: Not all currently used tags are available as presets. Neither in Potlatch or JOSM. It depends on the programmer which presets he implements. If no preset is available you can always enter the tag/value manualy. In Potlatch hit “+” and enter (in case of stairs) “highway” as tag and “steps” as value. In JOSM you can also enter a free tag/value combination.

Have a look at for other combinations used in OSM.

ramp=yes, if there is a ramp for strollers (babywagons?), bikes or wheelchairs. I originally only mapped for strollers+bikes but I handle more robust ramps the same way.

Thank you all for your helpful tips and information. I was confused by the fact that “steps” are not part of the pop-up/pull-down menus. Once I did start entered “steps” in the highway field, the “steps” option automatically appeared above the field. If this is documented anywhere, I missed it. For novice users like myself, it might be good to describe this explicitly in the beginner’s guide. For those that don’t automatically appear once typing has begun, PHerison’s advice might be good to document as something like “If you don’t see the tag you are looking for, just do this …”

Thanks again – this is a really great project!!