How to show a town square linked to the road network?

I have attempted in JOSM to create a town square attached to two streets using two existing street segments and two new segments. I used the key/value of amenity/town_square (I could not use highway because it duplicates the existing streets). The result is not what I sought, unfortunately. Ideally, I should like to see what is displayed in the Wiki/Area page at Or should I simply create a separate closed polygon adjacent to the street segments? I should welcome suggestions.
I should have liked to attach a .jpg to show my result but am ignorant about how to do it. However, the location is at Spartia, Kefalonia, N38.11106 E20.56194 on OpenStreetMap.

Hi, and welcome to the OSM forum!

If you add the tag area=yes to the town square, it will turn into an area. The effect will be visible in JOSM, too. This tag is necessary to distinguish whether a closed highway represents circular road or an area.

After that, you can deal with the road that touches the town square at the left. You quoted the image on the Area wiki page, so I assume you want that road to be uninterrupted from the town square, like the yellow road in the image below, correct?

To achieve this, you need to create a way segment that repeats the left part of the plaza (using the existing nodes) and give it the road’s tags.

I hope my explanation helps you. If things are still unclear to you, please ask!

PS: If you want to link to a place on, you can simply copy the URL from your browser’s URL bar, like this:

I thank you for your constructive reply. I have carried out the following practice:
Three streets of the same Key/Value meet at one common node, forming a ‘Y’ shape. The town square sits in the crutch of the ‘Y’ using both sides of it from the common node.

  1. I created a closed way of four nodes from the common node; three existing plus one new
  2. Choosing a Land use/Farmyard preset, the closed way infills with red. Changing the Key/Value to amenity/town_square (or platia) removes the infill colour. I assume this is because the Key and Value are not recognised
  3. I added area=yes
  4. I created two new segments from an existing way node to the new node onward to another existing way node that replicated the two sides of the closed way without a street segment Key/Value. I tagged these highway=residential as the other ways are tagged.
    Can you tell me if this confirms your instructions?
    I am unwilling to upload any data until I am certain the change is correct. It seems user BCNorwich has already made an attempt today to do something at this location so I am not sure how I left it yesterday.
    This all sounds awfully convoluted. I do wonder whether you would be so good to look at the area yourself?
    Many thanks again.
    The location is here:

Hi, I’ve been looking at your problem. I tried the area tag which I did not think neccessary and it appears to make no difference (area tag removed). I deleted my changes, the map is still as you had it.
Right now the tags on the area are amenity=platia and highway=residential, the area is shaded in grey which in the mapnik rendering is correct. Looks OK

Yes, this is correct.

This is also correct - but only if it represents the situation on the ground. This is something you can judge better than I can.

It is necessary, at least for renderers who don’t know the amenity=platia tag. By default, a closed way with a highway=* tag and no other (known) tags is interpreted as a ring.