How to setup OSM in own localhost ???

Hello. I was download Mongolian Ulaanbaatar city’s OSM from

How to setup localhost.

If you have step by step Tutorial help me.

i have 11 files, how to use. :expressionless:
ulaanbaatar.administrative.osm.bz2 (3.6K) (241.1K)
ulaanbaatar.coastline.osm.bz2 (3.6K)
ulaanbaatar.highway.osm.bz2 (152.4K) (79.6K) (102.6K)
ulaanbaatar.osm.bz2 (230.2K) (13.2K) (7.9K)
ulaanbaatar.poly (2.4K) (159.1K)

Hello Altai,

please be aware that the raw and converted OSM data from the servers of are quite outdated. the wensite says: Last maps update: 13 December 2011

Best source is the server from

a tutorial about setting up an own server should be included at … read all articles there.

More documentation about OSM in general is at … also keep reading there :slight_smile:

many concrete hints or FAQ are also at

Come back here if you have trouble with details, give us examples and as much information as you can, so that we know your aims ans can help you.

Hello Stephan75

I was here ( on Ubuntu 4.11 but some did not work out. I want to make a map of the city on the web server as openstreet map. I already downloaded the file. Osm. Could not find examples and lessons. There is somebody help me complete the lessons.

“I want to go by car, but it does not work. I already have fuel in my tank.” … Sorry, but if someone would give you an error report like this to you, can you tell him how to repair his car?

Be sure, we want to help you! At switch2OSM there is the tutorial, I think.

Why did some not work??? Give us error texts, please.

Did you read and on the wiki?

hello stephan75

I am following this tutorial

i have error Connection to database failed: FATAL: Ident authentication failed for user “myuser”.

I was did (osm2pgsql --slim -C 1500 ireland-and-northern-ireland.osm.pbf afer i see (Connection to database failed: FATAL: Ident authentication failed for user “myuser”) this error.
I really want learn to set up map tile server.

When you already read this page

search for the word “failed” by pressing Ctrl-F in your browser … there are two solutions so far … Success?