How to setup community forum and wiki


I am based in Australia but regularly visit Vanuatu with my GPS. I have visited nearly every island in the archipelago although many long before OSM.

I would like to setup a community forum users: Vanuatu

How do I do that?

I would also like to write a wiki page on Vanuatu tagging guidelines, similar to Australian tagging guidelines but with country-specific advice.

How do I do that?

Better awareness and communication between mappers is needed to improve mapping quality in Vanuatu (and anywhere else).


Setting up the wiki should be easy, just create the page.

However I don’t think you should do that until you have a working mailing list or forum that is able to come up with good consensus decisions on what should be on the page.

I’m afraid I don’t know who to contact to set up a mailing list or forum, but would suggest that you should be starting with a mailing list, rather than a forum.

Are you really sure that there are enough long term residents of Vanuatu, or natives, who are contributing to the map to create a successful community? Even some European countries (which are generally the most extensively mapped) seem to have forums that don’t have critical mass of users.

I would probably start by private mailing active mappers in Vanuatu, particularly ones who don’t look like holiday visitors, to see whether they would be interested.