How to separate a long waterway=riverbank

I have a rather long channel, marked as waterway=riverbank. It had a bridge at one place. I surveyed there is no bridge and that there water is actually separated and there is land a bit wider than the way. Is it possible in Merkaartor not to redraw half of the water, but somehow separate, divide the water area in two water areas?

So, the two bodies of water are not joined at all? Bridges come in many forms…


Probably they are joined with a pipe underground and underwater. But there is no man made construction I could call bridge. Unless bridges are made of soil, grass, bushes and are completely diggable.

Fair enough…

It has been a while since I have used Merkaartor, but you should be able to create a nodes on the water way where you want to divide it, select a node at a time and “break” it, then draw a new segment on each new area, select the new and original segments (ctrl click) and then hit “join”.


If the land is an island, you can use a multipolygon relationship to represent it without having to change the waterway=riverbank as it exists currently.

See for the method of including land in the middle of a river in this way.