How to select complete Canada

Dear all.

First of all thanks everyone in OSM and especially Lambertus for the great work on!

Soon we plan to go on a trip to Canada.
I want to update my Garmin nuvi 350 with the map of canada.
I tried downloading the map from
It took me a while to figure out that when I select “Canada” under “North America” nothing happens. One has to select the individual Province.
However, I can’t find a way to select multiple provinces.

Is there a way to select all tiles of Canada without clicking each one individually? Or is there a way to easily merge the individual .img files together?

Or is this turning into a feature request? If so, it would be nice that when Selecting Canada or any other country that is subdivided, all subsets are selected.
Alternatively, a tickmark type interface where you can select the provinces/countries/states would be a handy way to deal with this as well.



At the moment there is not alternative to selecting additional tiles by hand. I have an idea (and there were some other options suggested) to make it easier to select a custom area.

For now, I’d suggest to select the province that contains the most tiles and manually add others.

Hello Lambertus,

Thanks for the quick reply. Indeed, I selected Alberta and manually added the tiles we expect to visit as well.
Looking forward to the improvements to the interface. I’ll be patiently waiting.
By that time it would be nice to be able to select Netherlands, Germany plus Belgium :slight_smile:

On a related note. I read the threads on the dificulty to search adresses.
With the currently downloaded map it is not possible to search yet.

But you (or someone else, I forgot) mentions the continuing improvements to mkgmap.
What’s the currently foreseen improvements that are in the pipe? Will there be a chance to make this work in the near future?
Oh, And where can I sponsor this development?



Please have a look on the test map:
There you can find out if the improvements of mkgmap suits your needs regarding address search. In general the gmapsupp is compiled by mkgmap which cannot create a good address search index yet so you need to use the Mapsource version to make it work. The gmapsupp test version is made manually by selecting the tiles in Mapsource, so Mapsource could create the address search index. This will work properly in most (?) GPS units.