how to see/search OSMbugs. (Icebreaker Question... First on Forum)

To break the ice with first question…

When in edit mode in OSM (Online) how to see/search OSMbugs…
Its very hard to find those when in bit zoomout mode due to POIs…
for example

For bugs finding I use:

Important: the solved bugs are added in Keep_Right every 10 days. Don´t wonder about fixed problems which are still visible in Keep_Right.
In this wiki page you can also find the e-mail of the software developer from Austria.

Please write him a request with best regards:

He should add a startup point for India.
Recently you can find only startup for Asia with the Middle in Tokyo… →

btw. : the vely lot of streets in India is not clearly connected
In this case you see Keep Right information: “This node is very close but not connected to way”

Other (unfortunately) very popular bug is " This highway intersects the highway #… there is no junction node". Two streets with crossing should STILL have a crossing point if there is physically a street crossing. If not (bridge or tunnel) simply use for the HIGHER way the tag:

Key Value
Layer 1

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