how to revert semi-vandalism on the main page?

We have a user in OSM:ru whose notoriety can be best illustrated by the fact that he is banned in Wikipedia (after making over 14500 edits there).

Now he has “over 14500” edits in OSM, and the problem is he follows the same pattern - does massive [and incorrect] tag removal-renaming without clearing this with other people. In other words, he tries to increase his stats at any cost. And it is costly (to us).

So, yesterday he completely reworked the Russian page of OSM - the one you see at if your language preferences are set to “ru”. He’s added tons of agenda-motivated links and words, and the real estate for the map itself has shrunk even more - the left bar (where the search is) is 1.5x wider now (because instead of “Foundation” he wrote “NFP OpenStreetMap Foundation” and about 2x taller (because instead of “Copyright&License” he wrote “Authorship Rights And Free License”, and so on, in every item).

I registered at, but it does not let me edit anything, saying, “You do not have permission to edit this page, for the following reason: You do not have permission to edit pages in the Osm namespace.”

This raises two questions:

  1. What specifically do I have to do to be able to edit there and revert the damage?

  2. Is there any way if not to ban this person completely, then at least to prevent him from editing OSM:ru’s main page?

P.S. The clown’s handle is TarzanASG.

Hi, maybe you should contact our data working group.

It’s been dealt with in, and an update has been made to the code. Now the website needs to be updated to get it completely resolved.

Unfortunately, your reverts to all edits of OSM:ru by TarzanASG were reverted by his Wikipedia friend Kaganer. We are again stuck with the damaged Russian interface.