How to revert deletion?

Last time I looked at this area, the park between the two “Passeig de Lluís Companys” streets, it was full of details: . As it should be, as there are some huge monuments there. How can I discover what happened there and who did it? And more importantly, restore the deleted material? Thanks.


Thanks for noticing this. I have passed this information on to members of the DWG and placed a comment on one of the changesets which deleted this data: The user was inexperienced, and often this type of edit is made by someone unaware that they are editing the master data source (despite warnings during login & editor flash screen).

A relatively easy way to find disappeared objects is to use the ‘attic data’ feature of Overpass-Turbo. See this query for the area concerned:

As this is a big city & the edits happened a couple of months ago, the reversion process may be involved. Please wait until the DWG have time to do this.


It’s perhaps worth mentioning that DWG members have relatively few magical powers - essentially just the ability to temporarily block users for periods from no time at all (but forcing them to read a message before editing - useful if their email is broken) to four days.

When it comes to reverting changesets, the same options as described in are available to DWG members and non-members alike. When it comes to reverts of whole changesets (as is suggested here), the JOSM “reverter plugin” is probably the easiest to use. When data has changed since the edit that you want to revert it’ll ask you want to do (which can get a bit confusing) so in cases like this, as a couple of months has elapsed since the deletion, it’s best to let someone already familiar with the process do the revert.

However, before any revert it makes sense (as SK53 has done here) to send a message via a changeset discussion comment asking what’s happened, and waiting a little while for a reply.