How to retrieve closest places to a long/lat/radius [NameFinder API?]

I am trying to retrieve a list of the closest places to a predefined long/lat. At the moment I understand how to use the NameFinder API to find specific names such as attractions, railway stations, restaurants, etc. However, I could not figure out how to make a single API call that would return all names in a region without specifying the category.

Example: displays NY’s World Trade Center, Ground Zero and other points However if I use NameFinder I am required to specify a category, e.g. building/attraction. For instance,,-74.015000 . That means there’s a need for multiple calls instead of retrieve all nearest points in a single API call.

Is there any easy way to return all places in a certain area next to a defined long/lat? E.g. “find=anything+near+…”? If you could please offer any advice as to how to do so I would greatly appreciate it.

Additionally, is there a way to limit the search by radius (e.g. find all names within a 100 meter radius)?