How to represent the layers well?

Hi, I’ve been making my own GPS maps for a while now thanks to a couple of Dutch people, I think, who posted some style files on Github.
The maps are very cool, with the same aesthetic as the ones you see on the OSM page.

What I can’t do, and I haven’t seen any reference to it in those styles, is to arrange the layers so that the tracks come out in their place.
Some bridges come out on top of the road they cross, but there are other cases where it’s the other way around.
Routing does it well, but I’d like to be able to control this issue.

Any suggestions or places where I can get information?


PS. I think I’ve seen the whole OSM wiki

In order for people to help you, I’d add what sort of maps you are creating. You say “my own GPS maps” - does that mean using mkgmap to create .img files for Garmin devices? If so, which ones?

Thank you for your interest.
I download the data from and use Mkgmap and Splitter to create them.
I create IMG maps, I use them in a Garmin Montana 700 and I usually make the maps of the countries we travel to. Since last February we are KO, but I hope that next year we can continue.
I attach a picture where you can see a bridge (grey) perfectly placed BELOW the motorway it crosses.

There is not something similar to the _Draworder of the polygons?