How to render railway over taxiway

Hi mappers,
the openstreetmap-carto style renders railways under taxiways. On a map I’m creating I want railways on top of taxiways.
I don’t grasp the complexness of the layers in the style. Anyone know how I can fix this?
layer=1 for the railway doesn’t help, it must be something in the project.mml file.

OK I fixed it.

In the project.mml file all layers are typed in sequence and those layers are then rendered on top of each other in the same sequence.
A layer looks like this and there are about 70 of them:

- id: [name]
         etc etc

The 40th layer or so is - id: aeroways

I cut/pasted this layer to above the 25th or so layer which is - id roads-casing.
This way aeroways (runways and taxiways) are rendered first and then roads-casing (railways are part of this) is rendered on top of that.

Have you thought of opening an issue in osm-carto?

This is only for a map I create for personal use. The style won’t be online.
I dunno if it’s an issue on the map.