How to render my own tiles?

Why do you want to do such thing you may ask? Because I need to be able to make thousands of queries per day and I can imagine you guys won’t be happy if I directly hit your servers every time.

Now, I know how to download the data, how to import it in a database and how to make an API, but I have no idea how to render a map or draw items on it.

Basically I want to run my own geolocalization service without being tied to a monthly fee, if that’s possible.

PS: I found this repo: GitHub - openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website: The Rails application that powers OpenStreetMap but I don’t get along with rails/postgre, I’m a LEMP developer

Please enlighten me, Thanks in advance!

For raster tiles (what the standard OSM layer uses) you may find a good place to start. Or if you’re interested in exploring vector tiles see OpenMapTiles, Planetiler, or Tilemaker

Running a tileserver covering the whole world is generally quite resource intensive, but the costs can be kept down if only need a small area or don’t need frequent updates.


Thanks, will start reading there.
I don’t need to cover the whole world, just a single country at worst, maybe only a few cities.

Also have a look at GitHub - headwaymaps/headway: Self-hostable maps stack, powered by OpenStreetMap.
This is a pre-bundled stack of software to render own tiles + routing etc

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It sounds like what you want is:

(or other OSM search engine, of which there are several - the OSM wiki has details)

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