How to render and image some local areas offline

I need to create some high-res map images of several local neighborhoods. I have saved an extract of OpenStreetMaps data that covers the area I need. I have JSON styles that I wish to start with, and I have set up MapTiler and Maputnik for modifying the styles. I’m just not sure how to proceed. It sounds like I need to render tiles from the OSM data using my JSON styles. Do I have to go as far as setting up a GIS server? Is there an offline way to do this, rendering tiles and saving some high-res images on my local PC? I have access to the current version of ESRI’s ArcGIS if that would help, but it seems to be oriented toward a completely different way of doing things; as far as I can tell it’s not tile-oriented. (I was working in GIS in the early 2000s but the technology of course has changed completely since then.)

A lot of questions, because I don’t know what map should it be:

  • Are you sure you need tiles?
  • Do you want to print or put them online (as an image or as a slippy map)?
  • Do you want to modify style or just using something ready would be good too?
  • Maybe QGIS using PBF file would be better suited for your needs?

Please add some more details.

Hi, Warszawa.

  • I don’t need tiles unless tiles are a necessary step to rendering the map.
  • My goal is a high-res image that I can print. It’s not for online.
  • I have a JSON style I want to use that I created in Maputnik.
  • I have QGIS and could try it, but the styling is the most important thing, I really want to do this in a way that can use the JSON style that I already created.