how to render according to my requirements


I’m rather new to OSM, so please forgive me if I ask for the obvious.

I need to make a map for a small tour (Paris, the no money type).
For that I want to have a map with all street-names
but without the buildings and other details (but with built areas),
to walk around and find the various locations I want to add (inkscape).

I tried to do this with osmarender (using Technically all works,
but no map according to my requirements. I used osm-map-features-zNN.xml
(NN: 10-17), but I get either not all street-names, or a map with far too
many details (all building, busses,… the lot).

Is their somewhere a stylesheet that (almost) provides what I need?
If their are several choices: one that transforms nice to b/w or grey.

Thanks a lot

have a look at and its style examples … maybe that fits?

Maperative looks nice, and the stylesheet is definitively less complex than others, but
I got Windows on it’s knees. Zoom=13 was not a serious problem, with zoom=16 it came almost to a hold.
On Debian stable I faired much better.

I used the googlemaps style. Very acceptable, needed a little tweeking, found a minor bug in the rules.
The major problem left was the complexity of old cities… :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply.