How to render a paper road atlas?


I want to create a rather specialised road atlas on paper of a limited area for a volunteer emergency vehicle. The following requirements would need to be satisfied:

  • One overview map of the area with an overlaid grid and a set of detailled maps. All the detailled maps have to show the corresponding grid cells with an even finer resolution, ie. where the overview has columns A, B, C… and rows 1, 2, 3…, the detailled maps would have further subdivision into, say, two by two cells per large square.

  • For each detaillled map a list of all the roads and POIs found on it with their grid reference.

  • A list of all the roads and POIs found in the total area covered by the atlas with their grid reference and the reference of the detailled map(s) they are on.

  • To further complicate matters: Custom rendering rules! The detailled maps have to show house numbers large enough to be legible, barriers like bollards or gates, the directions of one-way streets etc. and they have to show the physical (not legal!) passability of underpasses, bridges etc. for a vehicle of a defined size and weight. (Our operational area is very well mapped in this regard, missing information can easily be added.)

  • Output to PDF in 300 DPI.

  • Automatic updates with as little manual intervention as possible.

MapOSMatic looks like it could serve as the foundation for my project, but the documentation is sorely lacking. Similarly OSM-Atlas[1] is rather unpleasant to deal with. Does anyone have experience with such a task? Which applications could I chain together to create that atlas?



I can only give you the hinto to the OSM wiki at to see further options to get printed maps.

But I don’t know whether any fits better than maposmatic.

Hiking Book - has an “Atlas mode” which might be suitable. It takes more effort to set up, but you can customize to your requirements.