How to Remove Overlapping Object in osm File

Respected Sir/Madam

1.i have export .OSM Files Of My full City map from Openstreetmap

2.i have downloaded some of adjoining (24 nos).OSM Files from openstreetmap
total i got 24 OSM files

3.then After i Insert one by one osm files in Global Mapper
after get all files i export in DXF & KMZ Format
i am getting issue of overlapping object on google earth
i have to delete one by one point in KMZ

but issue is that some of object i find overlap on google earth when i export and convert OSM to KMZ
so any solution to remove overlap object in osm Files
due to overlap object i want to reduce properties

I will be thankful to you

Could you explain in a bit more detail what you’re trying to do? What do you want to see on Google Earth and why is what you’re currently seeing a problem?

Guessing a bit, but if you want to combine .osm files into one then you could perhaps use osmosis: .

Read the files and build a has table of way, node and relation table identities. If the same id appears a second time, ignore the object. Given that the files are structured beyond the needs of XML, this should be easy to do in Perl, etc.

If the files weren’t exported form exactly the same version of planet.osm, there may be some anomalies as a result.

I don’t know if there is polished, ready to use, tool to do this.

First of all merge all your OSM files together: something like osmconvert will do this fairly simply. This will remove duplicate objects

If you are concerned by areas overlapping: for instance a park and residential landuse then I’m afraid you will have to process the data yourself to have only one object type in each area. This is quite complex, but do-able.