How to remove footways from mapnik style?

Hi there,
I’ve my own OSM tile server instance, based on mapnik, renderd & mod_tile, which is running nice.
I want to simplify my map to suit my needs.
I’ve successfully removed most of the redundant map elements (like ‘lighthouses’, ‘wind mills’, etc) by editing ‘osm.xml’ stylesheet and its imports.
What I cannot achieve is to remove footways, because my map will be mainly used for tracking car paths.
Anybody can point me how to remove footways?

You may be better removing these things in the osm2pgsql style file which populates the DB rather than forking the rendering code.

Another way is to preprocess the OSM data using osmfilter to remove elements you dont need, which will also reduce the size of our rendering database.

Thanks for your hints.
If I remove database records with osmfilter, how OSM database would be influenced by the future differential updates?
Will they fail seeking for missing records?
Will they restore records removed by me?

If you really want to remove a feature from the database and remove it as minutely updates get applied, you can do that with a lua script. For example, here’s one that I use to remove boundary=administrative:

here’s how you specify the lua script at import:

(the minutely update change is similar)

Re the original question, I wouldn’t edit osm.xml directly - it’s a horrible format to try and edit. If you’re using a CartoCSS-based style, then the source would be much easier (see for example