How to propose changes to JOSM default preset


what is the best way to propose changes to the JOSM default preset?

JOSM is installed on my machine. Is the preset somewhere on my file system and I can edit it to test the changes I’d like to make? Or would I export the appropriate part to a separate preset for testing?

Then, when I know how I want it, can I register on the JOSM website and create something like a pull request? Or rather just a ticket?


The JOSM default preset is inside the jar file/application. The actual XML file can be viewed here: . There is a download button at the bottom of the page (look for Download in other formats). Fair warning, it will take a bit of time for the page to load.

Yes, you would create a ticket with an attached patch. See DevelopersGuide/PatchGuide – JOSM for details.

Since you want to add/modify the default presets, see DevelopersGuide/DefaultPresets – JOSM.


Thank you for your detailed explanation.

I would add that it is also possible to create just ticket without patch. It can be done via Help → report bug in JOSM itself.

Anonymous reports are possible but it is preferable to create an account.

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