How to propose a change to the documentation?

I noticed that the information about the guidelines for road tagging for Brazil (that can be found at seems to be incorrect, or at least incomplete, based on knowing firsthand many places in Brazil and creating a few hundred changesets many of which are in those far locations…

Brazil is a very large country, and most roads in places not near the larger cities are not paved. However, many of them are quite important, linking small cities and/or villages. It can be seen on the aerial images from its width, traffic intensity, presence of many smaller roads stemming from it, etc.

I believe that requiring that tertiary roads on the rural context to be paved is wrong, since using the next smaller kind of road (“unclassified”) would group together roads with real minor relevance. Also, most times, one does not know the administrative level the road belongs to.

So, my question is how I propose/change/other way this change (not requiring tertiary roads to be paved and not requiring the knowledge of the administrative level) in documentation. Is it ok to just change the wiki directly? Is there any kind of vote for those smaller changes?


It makes sense to discuss it (as you are doing). There is some traffic on the talk-br list:

Maybe discuss it there?