How to properly set the tag "All Relations"


Today, I have been mapping the Nidwaldner Höhenweg hiking path from Ristis to Engelberg. When I wanted to add a new Relation, the context menu did not offer Nidwaldner Höhenweg, so I added one with a yellow diamond. Later, I started to connect Ristis with Brunnihütte and realized that there was indeed Nidwaldner Höhenweg in the system as a Relation, set to the route from Walenalp to Brunnihütte, but this time defined as green.

So I changed the name of the relation which I created to Nidwaldner Höhenweg - yellow (to avoid confusion). But now we have Nidwaldner Höhenweg once marked with a green path and second time as yellow path. The path is yellow, it should not be green, I believe.
The questions I would have are:

  • How is it possible to list available Relations in a certain region, that can be used to apply route coloring?
  • Is it possible to merge Relations “Nidwaldner Höhenweg” with “Nidwaldner Höhenweg - yellow”? I yes, how?
  • Should we apply yellow color to the original “Nidwaldner Höhenweg” (this should be pretty easy by changing osmc:system tag. The question is if we should do that?


[general remark there are a lot more people present on the talk-ch mailing list and it would make more sense to pose any questiosn there]

The easiest way (without using a specific API and for routes only) is simply to check with!46.9237!8.451

The other reasonably easy method is to check with

It is the nature of the beast that you can only find relations in areas where they have members, so it will always be difficult if you are starting at the wrong end of one :-).

Sure, but no idea how to do it with iD, with JOSM it is simple.

The osmc tag is really an oddity and not that important, what colour are the signs in real life (because that is the actual criteria)?


Hello Simon,

Thank you for your explanations and for the link to The website looks very promising.
As I am not using the JOSM, can you please merge these two Relations into one:
I believe that “Nidwaldner Höhenweg - yellow” should become “Nidwaldner Höhenweg” inheriting the properties of the latter one. Yes, it would be green, however it seems that there are other paths in Switzerland with yellow markings, but with a green osmc:symbol tag.

Kind regards

I’ve merged the old part in to the new relation see!46.8197!8.3986

As to the osmc tag I’ve left it as is (green) as the yellow markings are just the normal Swiss hiking trail markings and likely the sign posts are the new green ones from Schweizmobil., but feel free to change things.