How to prevent tile expiration with mod_tile?

Hi all,
I’ve my own tile server (mod_tile + renderd).
It’s a single country instance so I can cache pretty much all the tiles on my hard drive.
Problem is: mod_tile keeps asking renderd to render tiles despite they have been generated & cached like a day or two before.
I do not plan to update Postgres GIS database in the near future.
I’d like to force mod_tile to use cached tiles.
How this can be done?

Do you have a file called /var/lib/mod_tile/planet-import-complete ? If not, try creating this file. mod_tile looks at the timestamp on that file (which is supposed to indicate when you last populated your PostGIS db with new data). I think if that timestamp is found and is unchanging, then it should decide not to re-render tiles.

See also: Question: Why are the cache duration settings configured in mod_tile being ignored?

Just set

ModTileBulkMode On

in your apache/mod_tile configuration. No need to mess with timestamps you don’t care about.

It works for me. Now it is not rendering any tiles that already exist.