How to prevent routing over a footway-bridge with stairs?

Hi, I’m struggling across a little problem and don’t know how to solve it. I’m using Radkarte as well als openmtbmap for cycling in Berlin. When calculating a route from north to south across Ostkreuz (or vice versa) my Colorado always directs me across the bridge over the station which connects Sonntagstraße with Hauptstraße. This bridge has quite steep stairs on both ends and is heavily used by passengers. So this is no good choice at all for crossing the rails with a bycicle. But driving the Hauptstraße a liitle eastwards there is a tunnel which is perfectly suitable for cyclists. On the westside there is the Modersohnbrücke (a bridge) which is open for all kind of traffic.

Does anyone know why the route always gets routed across that bridge? Is there any tag I can insert to prevent my garmin from using that bridge when not walking? I can’t see anything that designates this bridge and the steps for a cyclist’s route.
The actual properties of the bridge say:

The steps say

Anyone an idea? Might it be helpful setting bicycle=permissive or bicycle=no? But it’s already tagged as foot=yes, doesn’t that mean that all others are not allowed? And shouldn’t the routeplanner avoid using steps at all when planning a bicycle route? I’m confused.

Thanks for help.