How to name highway links?

How should highway links be named?

Sometimes I see notes by anonymous users placing notes stating ‘exit to xxx’
e.g. but I’m not sure if its correct.

typically they do not get a name, unless e.g. there is a street sign
If you want to map “exit to xxx”, please use the destination tag

also, it is not necessary to tag access=yes; motor_vehicle=yes on this way.
A motorway_link assumes both, and furthermore access=yes also means a.o. motor_vehicle_yes.


Highway links (in Malaysia at least) sometimes do have names. “Persimpangan xxxxx”…

Notice though, the name applies on links exiting the highway, but not going into the highway. Therefore, for example, a motorway interchange that has 4 links; only two of them (the exits) should have names “Persimpangan bla bla bla”, while the other two (entry into the motorways from the toll booth) shouldn’t have any names.

Think about it, nobody cares about the link name when they enter the highway, but when exiting the highway, the name is very helpful.

my opinion of course… (name on exit nodes vs name on links – that’s another subject) :stuck_out_tongue:

In Belgium the exits have a name, but not the links. The links have an (administrative) reference number that no regular user of the road knows or uses. So it really depends on the country. If the links have names, do map it like that.