How to mark these trails as intersecting?

Could easily be a novice mistake, but these two waypoints are about 3 meters apart, and yet I haven’t been able to route a course between them that is less than 57km.|52.131794|Waypoint&wp=&end=-116.86553|52.131851|Cline%20River&routestyle=solid|cyan&waypointstyle=std|12&markers=-116.865631|52.131857|f&@=-116.8654144972868,52.131822160108754,20.37683417461051z

This happens in multiple routing apps, which makes me think it’s a problem with the underlying osm data.

I believe the fix would be to mark the trails as having an intersection (as in one of them not being on an overpass) for routing algorithms to be able to find the 4m route instead of the 57km one, is that correct? How can I mark them as intersecting? When I query features at an intersection I don’t see anything that marks them as a place where you can or can’t transfer from one road to the other.

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I found that after selecting the path it suggested some issues, one of which was that the paths may be connected. I have submitted an edit to do just that.

I’m guessing this is resolved!


Hi Mark,
I am happy you found the solution.
Please note, that depending on the application the changes may appear with a delay of hours or months. So it might take a while until the routing is fixed.

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Oh wow. I checked “I would like someone to review my changes”. Is there a long backlog for change reviews? I’m tempted to submit another change that doesn’t have that checked if it won’t mess stuff up but might make the change live sooner…

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Review is not blocking. It’s just a flag for local mappers who might want to check beginner’s work.



yes, indeed, all edits that you upload become instantly live, the review checkbox is just a “flag”, asking the community to review your edit, but there is no “queue” (AFAIK): sometimes the review will happen soon after, but sometimes also after months or never.


Looks good.

Note that one of the two ways is a footway (not allowing bicycles), the other is a path (allowing bicycles).