How to map...

how could i map this building(f4) in 3d. (especially that top roof thing in the middle.
You can find good 45° coverage in Google Maps

Thanks in advance for your help


PS: I think we need a thread where you can ask “little questions”, so you don’t have to open one so often.

Unfortunately there is recently no good way for mapping of such roof. You can of course use 9 elements: For longer parts four “gabled” roofs, 4 pyramidal in the corner and one flat in the middle, but it is dirty,tricky way and I don´t like it.
It would be better to implement more roofs liek described in my “OSM 4D definition”.

We need some helpful hands for this implementations.

What You need is my 3.4 roof type extended to eyery possible ground floor geometry:
I would say: Add this geometry to the simple 3D buildings definition. We need it really.