How to map unmanned small convenience stores?

How to map unmanned small convenience stores? I saw a store with vending machines, open 24/7, 30 square meters big in a small, dedicated building, like this. This article describes different types of these shops.

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amenity=vending_machine would fit if ti is a limited number of vending machines…

The article you shared shows a the size of a typical convenience store. It could be mapped with shop=convenience with some additional tagging to indicate they are all automated but I would I think still tag it as amenity=vending_machine.

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I think there was a conversation about these types of stores a while back and from what I remember the idea came up was to tag the whole area of the store as amenity=vending_machine. I can’t remember if anyone suggested using an additional tag to indicate if they are automated though, but that would be a good idea. Although all vending machines are automated. So maybe it don’t need to be tagged since it’s just baked into the machine as it were.

Those additional tags would probably be self_service=only + self_checkout=only


Hi all, this answer seems the most logical to me. The goal is to run a shop, only without staff. A shop can have a name and such. Thanks to you all!