How to map these large stairs next to the small stairs on OpenStreetMap?


Think to remember it’s area:highway=steps, as an area. BUT you still have to map the steps as line at centre for routing purposes

Yes, checked in tag info area:highway=steps | Tags | OpenStreetMap Taginfo


What this large steps are supposed to be? This does not look walkable to me.

Is it for seating? Sculpture? Decoration? Some silly mistake?


Well, that’s a good question. I often see these and I have no idea what is the actual purpose of this design. My best guess is that it is some hybrid between a decoration and seating places.

But I’m not sure. I am also wondering my whole life what’s the aim of this design. It’s not just this one case, you can often see them in movies etc. so there must be some rationale behind it.

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ChatGPT tells me that this is called “staircase with tiered seating”. Quick Google image search confirms this:

So the large stairs are supposed to be seats. So what would be the best way to plot this? It’s so difficult because the seats are merged with the stairs - there are these “break platforms” between stairs which you can use to access the seating places.

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“hazard:pedestrian”=“side with sixty centimeters of dangerous flight”
seriously, how do blind people walk down the stairs?

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Four amenity=bench maybe?

Depends on a detail.

(1) Just map highway=steps - skip horrifically uncomfortable concrete pans pretending to be benches.

(2) Map highway=steps with flat section as highway=footway ways

(3) Map also 4 amenity=bench (though not entirely sure is it qualifying, no matter the intention). Map four amenity=bench_mockery hazard=trap_for_blind_people ?

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Another option would be to map 2 separate footways - the right one including the 4 triple steps and the left one with 4 barrier=step + height=*.

To my understanding the “barrier”-tag does fit better here than the “bench”-tag and additionally you can add the exact height of this awful constructions.


Possibly steps on that side, + an area of Tag:leisure=bleachers - OpenStreetMap Wiki on the other side?


How should this thing be tagged?
It’s the “roof” of a building with water treatment stuff in a public pool. Spectators for the diving tower (just about visible in the background) sit on it. Three stairs are in the middle of each non-walled side.

Currently mapped as highway=pedestrian with area=yes AND building=service which feels soooo wrong.

(Picture deliberately out of focus for privacy reasons)

Tag:leisure=bleachers - OpenStreetMap Wiki ?

leisure=bleachers is a great idea, thanks.
I’ve kept the large rectangle on top as hw=pedestrian with area=yes and mapped the steps leading up to that, as I think that’s also ‘correct’ in the situation there.

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