How to map the presense (or also the absense) of a separate, but still integrated ashtray on an amenity=waste_basket


I’m just wanting to askg how to tag an ashtray integrated in a waste_basket.

At the moment, the key ashtray=yes/no is used 485 times, but it’s not documented.

For ashtrays which are separate, own objects, I found on the page Tag:waste=cigarettes - OpenStreetMap Wiki
that they’d be to tag with amenity=waste_basket + waste=cigarettes.
But are we by the way in consensus of that, at all?

Because when I saw this tagging scheme, I thought again how to find a suitable tagging scheme for ashtrays which are integrated in the waste_basket. In particular, I didn’t want to simply continue to use ashtray=yes afterwards without asking.

I’m going to show two pictures here to show what I mean by bin-integrated ashtrays:

Google Photos

Google Photos

How would you tag these?

I thought about something like waste:cigarettes:separated=yes, but I’m not sure about this.

It would fit more to the amenity=waste_basket + waste=cigarettes-scheme, provided that the scheme mentioned is consensus/sensible at all.

I’d probably document ashtray=* usage anyway, but note preferred documented usage below:

Note that Tag:waste=cigarettes explicitly says "A bin for the disposal of cigarettes only. " (probably assuming that is the only value)

But you could use multivalue for trash, i.e. amenity=waste_basket + waste=trash;cigarettes - there are several thousand occurrences of that, more than several hundred undocumented ashtray=*. And it is documented to boot; so I’d find that preferable solution (it also easily extends to other uses like waste=cigarettes;dog_excrement;trash etc.)

I don’t really see the need for such detail. Especially since most if not all dedicated cigarette bins in mixed trash environment are separated anyway (due to fire hazard otherwise).

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Yeah, this would definetely be worth to think about.

Indeed I’d want to have documented one method for the ashtrays in the wiki, this can probably then be the separate tagging of “types of garbage that are (separately) collected”. That would definitely fit into the waste scheme.