How to map temporarily blocked paths?


After a series of violent storms, many of the established foot- and cycle- paths in our region are blocked. They will not be open for several months. What is the correct way to indicate that a marked path is temporarily blocked by an obstruction?

Many thanks!


I prefer to keep the map up to date with significant temporary changes like this.
I normally mark the damaged section as highway=construction + construction=footway/other.
I add an an area that encompasses the work area and tag as landuse=construction and I also map the temporary way cyclists or pedestrians use to bypass the work and tag as high=path + surface=grass/other.
I add a note=…… tag to the construction area for other mappers explaining what happened and any any construction expectations.
There maybe fences around the construction area and blocks in place at start of damaged area, especially if bridges are wiped out or ways are entirely washed away.
If the cycleway is part of a route, I don’t change the route relation for temporary changes, but use discretion.