How to map road dividers

Hello, what is the best way of mapping wide road dividers? That can be used for parking, tree planting, gardening? Thanks, Ruben Check the image:


You can use barrier=kerb to map the kerb around the divider. Add the rest of features (parking, gardens, trees, etc.) wherever they are located.


Awesome. Thanks

This area appears to be an OSM “Traffic Island”. Most commonly in tagging involving road crossings. To map the area it appears there is some usage of the tag below.

I guess the important part when mapping from these is to get the crossing details mapped. If mapping the area of the Island you need to the use the Alternative Style in the guide below

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There’s also area:highway=traffic_island.

When mapping barrier=kerb, you may need it to be a separate way to the outline of the island or divider if there are crossings with sections of kerb=lowered or kerb=flush

Note that none of the suggestions so far in this thread are likely be rendered by OSM Carto.