How to map power poles mounted on wall?

I’m trying to map power poles and this kind of pole give me hard time. How can I map them?

Thank you.

There are a couple of quite useful tags for this type of situation, and which can be used fairly generically:

  • location (e.g. location=wall)
  • support (e.g. support=wall)

The actual object can be otherwise mapped normally (although one might want to attach it to the building.

Note many people don’t map the final stage of utility delivery (phone, electricity etc), because there’s often too much, but sometimes it’s necessary as one cannot always identify the actual local distribution network. So for instance in the UK we mainly focus on 11kV lines & upwards linking substations, but sometimes lines to isolated farms are hard to separate out.

Also are you sure that is electricity rather than phone?

Thank you for your answer.
location=wall seems not really used, support=wall a bit more.

In France, we currently have a partnership between the main power supplier and OSM-FR to share data and local contributions.