How to map parkrun?

parkrun - free, weekly, timed, community events all over the world - has over 2000 events. For mapping purposes, it is essentially a meeting point : start and finish area. I would say mapping the actual 5 km course does not add much value as the main website contains it, plus it would add to clutter. But the meeting point has value in showing in what locations an event is present. Google maps shows quite a handful as ‘physical fitness program’. It is not an area, but a node. Most sports-related tags belong to areas.

I don’t think this would be a good fit for OSM unless there is some kind of permanent marker that you’d be mapping. We don’t normally map meeting locations for events as they’re temporary, ephemeral, and not manifest on the ground.


Quite a few events already have their routes recorded in OSM. See overpass turbo . The routes are easily verifiable on the ground during their opening_hours, so I don’t see any reason not to treat them like other signed walking/cycling/running routes. The routes mapped in OSM are often better than those on the official parkrun website, and provide an open data source for anyone wanting to display or analyse the routes.