How to map a row of cottages

In my town there are a number of rows of cottages that have their own address even though they are on another road.

For example, there are 3 cottages (numbered 1, 2 and 3) called Tylers Walk on a road called Crabmill Lane that has its own house numbering scheme. The address would be 1 Tylers Walk, Crabmill Lane. Number 1 Crabmill Lane would be a separate house completely.

They are not on a road of their own so how should I map this?


Use the Karlsruhe Schema.

addr:street=Tylers Walk
addr:full=1 Tylers Walk, Crabmill Lane

The physical location of the nodes will show that they are located on Crabmill Lane and the addr:street value will provide the Tylers Walk part of the address. The address full part will ensure that gazetteers can index the complete address properly.

There are further ways to provide hints about access but I don’t think that will be necessary in this case from what you’ve described.

Thanks Alex but I’m still not sure this is quite what I want. I’m looking for some “thing” so that someone looking at the map will see the name. Perhaps it’s just a named building I need.

You shouldn’t tag for the renderer. However if you feel there is a real need for the name to be rendered then try this:

Do as I advised above but connect each node into a way. Name that way Tylers Walk. That will ensure that the data is in there for routing and will also cause the name to be rendered.