How to map a GSM antenna and a billboard located on the same mast?

Title, basically. There’s a mast with GSM communication devices on top and for esthetical reasons (and not only) they’re wrapped in the big logo of the supermarket on whose premises the device is located.

Does this needs two separated features in OSM or can a single point (with what tags) be used ?

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We’ve got several faking their presence as tree, one actually an ex tree, the other a mast with artificial branches attached. Think to remember it was even an option in ID editor… here you go

mimics=billboard or totem something like that.


but the wiki says " This key should not be used when communications infrastructure is hidden within an existing structure that serves the function it appears to, i.e., cellphone technology enclosed within an existing church steeple does not mimic the steeple […]"

So I guess it doesn’t apply here.


At a glance, it looks to me like you could map the sign as a triangular closed way tagged advertising=sign, with a man_made=mast node in the middle. That would let you clarify what the sign advertises without creating any ambiguity.

Alternatively, since even the sign is part of the mast structure, you could tag the node in the middle as a man_made=antenna and dual-tag the area as a man_made=mast. However, I usually don’t bother with mast areas when it comes to simple structures like this.


but it IS billboard