How to make places have "complete addresses" in Search

Hello. I have created a hamlet point. It is part of a larger suburb called “Buyagan”. However, upon searching for the place, search results from OpenStreet Nominatim display the hamlet as “Central Buyagan, Benguet, Cordillera Administrative Region, Philippines”, which is incomplete:

The complete address should be:
“Central Buyagan, Buyagan, Poblacion, La Trinidad, Benguet, Cordillera Administrative Region, Philippines”.

I tried reading the [is_in] documentation to find out about hierarchies, so I tried entering information in the said field. Still, after saving, it doesn’t show the complete address in Search:

Could you please give any suggestions or advice or instructions on how to modify the way an address is displayed in OSM Nominatim Searches?

There is no place called Buyagan in the whole La Trinidad area, so it can’t be included in the reverse geocoding. I extracted and searched 120.5694 x 16.4647 to 120.5980 x 16.4436.,16.4436,120.598,16.4647

I would advise adding the admin-level when you add it and, if you have the actual boundary, from a source that is acceptable to OSM, you should plot it as an area, not a point. If you do find an acceptable source for the exact boundary, you are likely to need to trace it over the top of some existing boundaries, and I think you will find that iD is not up to doing that.

However, I suspect you have unreasonable expectations of Nominatim, and giving explicit addresses to anything larger than an individual building seems to be frowned upon. Even in London it can produce some strange results.