How to make maps using openstreetmpaps

I am writing an article on Berlin for
I’d need to make some maps of parts of that city, some with and others without street names and other common information, but with personal elaborations.

Where can I find the instructions to follow for making it? I could also buy a book, if necessary. Would someone tell me which one would help me doing this?

Thank you, community,

umap may suit you
This query from a few days ago mentions ‘map style without streetnames’

Wikipedia has its own map servers, which I believe use OSM data, and will give live maps.

Any custom map is likely to be frozon in time.

Wikipedia has its own mapping service, see the blog article:

Several wikipedia projects have their own map workshops, too. There’s even one on Commons: You may try to get help there.

Thank everybody. You told me useful things.

But question concerned DOCUMENTATION:. i.e. : where can I find documents like howtos, help, blogs, books that explain how to make ones own maps starting form Openstreetmap.

Is it possible to put a hyperlink on a marker? If so, how?
Many thanks

One such place is , but that talks about creating a particular sort of map site. I’m guessing you want to do something different to that. Try searching , and also look at and .

Can you be a bit more specific? Are you talking about an OSM-derived map on a particular website, and if so, which one?

Any hyperlink capability would derive from the slippy map library you use, not from OSM. I assume is using such a capability, in, I presume, leaflet.js, to do that, in order to implement notes.

Sorry for the lack of specifics, I am new to this.

I am trying to put a hyperlink on a marker on the map I have created in Umap. I want the hyperlink to take me to another web page which will provide further information on the marker location. I know how to put a full URL on the marker but am wondering if its possible to put a hyperlink on it instead?

Thanks for your help.

That’s not really to do with OSM. If doing it with umap, you would need to ask the umap people.