How to make a 'hardcopy' of a map


As a newbee I have a question, as a volunteer at the dutch red cross I’m giving lessons in communication (2 way radio) As I come to many city’s to give the lesson I’m searching for a possibility to print a map (measering a normal A4 paper) with a grid on it (like the old-style streetmaps, adres X you can find on D4 or D4a), I’m looking all over the internet and think OSM is the best to use for it as it’s license free.
Someone can help me how to do that, I want to make a small selection of the OSM adres and export (or otherwise make a copy of a small selection) is to a program I can use to make a grid on the map (top row from A to…; and from top to bottom from 1 to…).
Don’t know how to copy a selection and don’t know what program to use best…

I’m happy with all the help I can get!
Thanks for reading

Not sure if there’s one that exactly fits your requirements, but there are a bunch of options described over at - maybe one of those will help?

Thanks SomeoneElse,

have looked at the wiki but had missed something…
I now have a good map (made with inkatlas, makes a great image of an papersize map) on pdf.
Now I’m looking for a (paint?) program to make the grid on top of this map and insert the letters and numbers.

Perhaps Inkscape? Rather huge though and slightly complicated. It’s native format is svg and it can also open pdf directly. Would create a second layer and import a grid into it, then zoom it. Grids as files can easily be found in the web, by an image search for “svg” and “grid”.

Thanks wycbtma,

Have done it the way you discribed, and it looks good! have set the OSM on the first layer, and grid, the letters and numbers on the second layer, I’m now able to change the map and de rest is still ok!
One problem only, I cannot print from the Inkscape program… resolved it by printing to XPS file and then print it, but don’t know what went wrong (even if I tell the program to print to a document it’s an empty document…)

No idea… Did you save the map as pdf again, and print that one?

Have ‘print’ the map to pdf and that is almost going ok (have a problem that all what’s outside the image is black…) ‘print’ to xps is going ok, still printing does nothing