How to link houses to apartment buildings

I am new to osm and an trying to map out an apartment complex.
I have added individual nodes in the apartment to mark the houses in it.

To link the houses to the apartment I have added “addr:place” tag to the house nodes - Nominatim Demo

Now, when I search the following on nominatim I don’t get the result for the house

  • 001 O jaipuria sunrise greens zirakpur
  • O 001 jaipuria sunrise greens zirakpur

But, if I search “001 jaipuria sunrise greens zirakpur”, I get the result - Nominatim Demo

I am new to osm so don’t know if I have done some mistake in mapping or there is a lack of understanding on my part.

Try adding the full address to the node, that should help, at least “O” and “Jaipuria Sunrise Greens” should both appear in the address fields. Otherwise a geocoder has no way of knowing that “Jaipuria Sunrise Greens” is also part of the address.

In my answer to your previous question I suggested addr:place=Jaipuria Sunrise Greens. You used addr:place=O instead. You can probably use either approach, but the tagging scheme is slightly different.

Tagging scheme 1
addr:flats=001 (or addr:unit?)
addr:housenumber=O (or addr:housename=O or maybe name or addr:block=? though I am not sure how well these work)
addr:place=Jaipuria Sunrise Greens

Tagging scheme 2
addr:suburb=Jaipuria Sunrise Greens

I think either should work, but let us know if it doesn’t!