How to Label Interstate Ramp Exit information?

I am trying to enter Exit Information for a local interstate.

For Example “Exit 10, M-153, Ford Road”

Should I put this info in the Exit Junction?

Or should I use key DESTINATION:Ref “M-153 East”

and key DESTINATION “Ford Road”

Right now, if I use DESTINATION:REF & DESTINATION, I do not get the “10” in “Exit 10”

Which format should I use?

I have seen other people using the EXIT JUNCTION to enter all exit information.


The destination:ref on the exit ramp is the newer and preferred method of tagging because it allows the destination to be fully specified for diverging exits.

Continue placing a highway=motorway_junction on the node, along with a ref=10 and the “10” will show on rendering.

I would tag it according to this guide here: